How to Break your neck

Here’s another old Viral Video featuring our song “Forbidden Life” from our album “Save Me From Myself”. The video was made by …Lost Enterprises old Team manager and rider Ryan Carlson and is basically a compilation of super painful wipe outs on the Brutticus Maximus free standing wave at the Wavehouse in San Diego.

It’s been online for a long time, but we just dug it up again cause’ we really, really, really like to watch people fuck themselves up!! Especially when it’s Dead Man Walking music in the background! haha!!

Thanks to Carlson for filming the carnage and thrashings and using our music as the soundtrack of pain!!


About Dead Man Walking

We are the legendary evil Punk Rock band from Orange County California known as Dead Man Walking. After almost a decade the band continues to keep it's signature brand of electric infused punk rock n' roll with a gothic twist.

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