Dead Man Walking at the Sound Playground

The Dead have been spending some time at the Sound Playground studios in Irvine California working on laying down new tracks for their upcoming EP due out by Summer 2011. The band is working with producer/engineer Brent Clawson from the band Bullets ‘N’ Octane and have been utilizing the Sound Playgrounds fun house and skate ramp while getting the work done.

The next album is a bit of a return to Dead Man Walking’s roots while still incorporating their signature brand of creepy evil punk rock, but with a fast and hardcore foundation. By the end of our sessions at the Playground the band will have 6 brand new songs to be released over the summer including the tracks “Don’t Wanna Exist”, “Generation …Lost”, “Going Wrong”, “Evil Blood”, “Greatest Tragedy”, and “American Suicide”. No name for the album has been released as of yet.

Look for more info coming soon on the release and shows to help promote that record! Also, if you haven’t done so already please visit the Sound Playground’s website here, Like them on facebook here, or follow their tweets here!

About Dead Man Walking

We are the legendary evil Punk Rock band from Orange County California known as Dead Man Walking. After almost a decade the band continues to keep it's signature brand of electric infused punk rock n' roll with a gothic twist.

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