“Save Me From Myself” now available on iTunes!!

The long awaited Dead Man Walking album “Save Me From Myself” is now available on iTunes!! If you haven’t gotten your copy yet of our second studio EP click on the banner below to visit the Dead Man Walking iTunes store and get the complete album for less than $8!

“Save Me From Myself” includes the DMW songs Apocalypse, Black Holiday, Darkness Falls, Save Me From Myself, Devil Inside Her, Misery, and last Call and it was recorded, engineered, and produced by DMW and Dave Small from Introspect. Look for reviews and more to come, we will post them up as we get them.

We work hard to keep the music rocking, keep the albums coming out, and to keep the band on the road, so please support and spread the word by pasting the iTunes link below into your Facebook, twitter, or anything else to help get the word out!! We appreciate all the support from our fans and families and we thank you all!

Look for our music video for the song Apocalypse to be posted later this month and check out “Save Me From Myself”

Please copy the link below and paste into your Facebook or Twitter to help us spread the dead:


About Dead Man Walking

We are the legendary evil Punk Rock band from Orange County California known as Dead Man Walking. After almost a decade the band continues to keep it's signature brand of electric infused punk rock n' roll with a gothic twist.

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