Band Bio

Dead Man Walking was originally created in Orange County, CA during the summer of 2001 as the brainchild of longtime friends Riche Wilson aka (Riche Kontrol), and Paul Geroso. The band began life as a small collaboration with the lofty goal of spreading it’s dark energy infused punk rock and roll across the world.

Dead Man Walking’s original inception was directly due to the bubblegum pop music that had taken over America in the turn of the century. The band felt that the feel good, super sweet melodies, and fake images had drowned out the punk rock anthem that they had grown up with.

Both Riche and Paul grew up together skating, partying, and playing punk rock in their former band A-o.k., which started in 1995 and had broken up in 1998. The band had a modest taste of local success and helped to launch their musical careers. Taking what they had learned from their previous experiences, they forged a sound of heavy rock and aggressive lyrics that were rooted in rock and roll, punk, and metal, but with a creepy and infectious energy.

Riche and Paul began to build the music and sound of the group together that summer in their jam space accordingly called, The Cave. Drummer/ Lead Singer Kontrol and guitarist Geroso knew that they needed a bassist to deepen the dark sound they were striving to achieve. To that end, they brought Riche’s brother and bassist, Alex, into the band. The three began writing and rehearsing until November of 2001, when Alex decided to seek out other musical opportunities in a variety of genres.

Austin Norman (formerly of the band G.B.A.) a long time childhood friend of both Riche and Paul auditioned with the band, and from the first practice Dead Man Walking knew they had found their sound and bassist. With Norman on board, the three started playing and writing furiously, digging deeper into the roots of hard rock simplicity and the heavy chords of dismay.

The band played the next better part of the decade as a power trio with the official line up being Rich Wilson aka (Riche Kontrol) on Drums/ Lead Singer, Paul Geroso on Guitar and Backing Vocals, and Austin Von Normal on Bass and Vocals. There were a host of guitarist that joined the band along the way including Dave Moore aka Dave Neverose, and Jake Harrison, but only the original line up recorded on any of the Dead Man Walking Records.

In the spring of 2009 there was an addition to the Dead Man Walking lineup in the form of madman and all around Drum ripper Matt Woodruff aka (Woody). Matt Woodruff came from a string of awesome and successful bands that Dead Man Walking had played with over the years including most Chapel of Thieves, and All or Nothing HC. Woody had an amazing talent that gelled with the band and they instantly knew this was the future of Dead Man Walking.

The power trio had become the fearsome foursome… and with Woody taking over on the drums, it allowed Riche the freedom to finally become the front man of the band, and release his evil energy on the crowds at arms length.

The band knows that good punk rock music is about raw emotion, power, and energy, and their songs reflect this. All it takes is one show to become aware that Dead Man Walking and their members redefine what it means to be primal. They have a seductively dark presence that is infectious and intoxicating at the same time. Their music, emotion and pure destructive noise is enough to get your heart racing, scare the status quo, and electrify the dead.

Dead Man Walking combines an overwhelming barrage of heavy music and fire-filled lyrics into songs designed to give you a good kick in the ass and make sure you leave the show more disturbed than when you came and they will for years to come!

Dead Man Walking has released four records to date: “The Bootleg E.P.”, “Live at the Showcase Theatre E.P”, their debut album “Can’t Stop The Dying” on GC Records, and the follow up “Save Me From Myself” on Living Dead Records.

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