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“Save Me From Myself” now available on iTunes!!

The long awaited Dead Man Walking album “Save Me From Myself” is now available on iTunes!! If you haven’t gotten your copy yet of our second studio EP click on the banner below to visit the Dead Man Walking iTunes store and get the complete album for less than $8!

“Save Me From Myself” includes the DMW songs Apocalypse, Black Holiday, Darkness Falls, Save Me From Myself, Devil Inside Her, Misery, and last Call and it was recorded, engineered, and produced by DMW and Dave Small from Introspect. Look for reviews and more to come, we will post them up as we get them.

We work hard to keep the music rocking, keep the albums coming out, and to keep the band on the road, so please support and spread the word by pasting the iTunes link below into your Facebook, twitter, or anything else to help get the word out!! We appreciate all the support from our fans and families and we thank you all!

Look for our music video for the song Apocalypse to be posted later this month and check out “Save Me From Myself”

Please copy the link below and paste into your Facebook or Twitter to help us spread the dead:

How to Break your neck

Here’s another old Viral Video featuring our song “Forbidden Life” from our album “Save Me From Myself”. The video was made by …Lost Enterprises old Team manager and rider Ryan Carlson and is basically a compilation of super painful wipe outs on the Brutticus Maximus free standing wave at the Wavehouse in San Diego.

It’s been online for a long time, but we just dug it up again cause’ we really, really, really like to watch people fuck themselves up!! Especially when it’s Dead Man Walking music in the background! haha!!

Thanks to Carlson for filming the carnage and thrashings and using our music as the soundtrack of pain!!


Dead Man Walking at the Sound Playground

The Dead have been spending some time at the Sound Playground studios in Irvine California working on laying down new tracks for their upcoming EP due out by Summer 2011. The band is working with producer/engineer Brent Clawson from the band Bullets ‘N’ Octane and have been utilizing the Sound Playgrounds fun house and skate ramp while getting the work done.

The next album is a bit of a return to Dead Man Walking’s roots while still incorporating their signature brand of creepy evil punk rock, but with a fast and hardcore foundation. By the end of our sessions at the Playground the band will have 6 brand new songs to be released over the summer including the tracks “Don’t Wanna Exist”, “Generation …Lost”, “Going Wrong”, “Evil Blood”, “Greatest Tragedy”, and “American Suicide”. No name for the album has been released as of yet.

Look for more info coming soon on the release and shows to help promote that record! Also, if you haven’t done so already please visit the Sound Playground’s website here, Like them on facebook here, or follow their tweets here!

Metal Mulisha Nixey Danielson Poached video

Since updating to the new we have been scouring the web for videos with Dead Man Walking music in the background. This one is from our good buddies at the Metal Mulisha from a series of photoshoots they were doing called the “poached” series.

Basically they would pull up to a location where it was beyond illegal to ride a dirt bike, then they would do some sort of crazy freestyle trick in the middle of public areas without anyone knowing what the hell was going on. Best part is they were out before johnny law got a chance to kill the buzz! haha! Not to mention that’s some crazy shit to be pulling FMX tricks in the middle of pubic!

This video is of Metal Mulisha team rider Nixey Danielson hitting a dirt jump next to the Catalyst surf shop in San Clemente Ca and the Dead Man Walking song used is called Nightmare 13 from our album “Can’t Stop the Dying” available on itunes.

Metal Mulisha: Nixey Danielson Poached Video, San Clemente Ca
Music: Dead Man Walking
Song: Nightmare 13
Album: “Can’t Stop the Dying”

Dead Man Walking is digital

In case some of you have had some trouble getting all networked and socialized with Dead Man Walking please click on the links below and help us spread the dead and dominate the world with evil punk rock n roll! Thank you

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the Sound Playground

Hey there dead fans just wanted to give everyone the update that we will be hitting the brand new Sound Playground studios in Irvine later this month to lay down tracks for another Dead Man Walking album! Be sure to check back from posts soon!

Dead Man Walking invading Oceanside Saturday May 28th

Get ready O’side… The Dead are coming for ya Saturday May 28th at the Beachside Grill with Last 2 Know, and Decompression. The show kicks off at 8 pm and it’s sure to be one hell of a good time! Please help spread the word and re-post or share this on Facefuck, Tweeker, or and let’s get some bloody fun going May 28th!

Welcome to the new blog….

It’s about time we update our shit for Dead Man Walking…. That being said we went ahead and joined up on the world’s largest blog site Be sure to check back for free music, pics, video, opinions, and what we think on everything.

RIP Jeff “Ox” Kargola

Dead Man Walking wanted to share our sympathy for the loss of Metal Mulisha team rider and friend Jeff “Ox” Kargola. He was a great guy who was always smiling and he will be greatly missed by the world, and the band. We thank him for supporting us and always inspiring us to go bigger!!!

Ride In Peace OX!!! We will miss you!