Metal Mulisha Nixey Danielson Poached video

Since updating to the new we have been scouring the web for videos with Dead Man Walking music in the background. This one is from our good buddies at the Metal Mulisha from a series of photoshoots they were doing called the “poached” series.

Basically they would pull up to a location where it was beyond illegal to ride a dirt bike, then they would do some sort of crazy freestyle trick in the middle of public areas without anyone knowing what the hell was going on. Best part is they were out before johnny law got a chance to kill the buzz! haha! Not to mention that’s some crazy shit to be pulling FMX tricks in the middle of pubic!

This video is of Metal Mulisha team rider Nixey Danielson hitting a dirt jump next to the Catalyst surf shop in San Clemente Ca and the Dead Man Walking song used is called Nightmare 13 from our album “Can’t Stop the Dying” available on itunes.

Metal Mulisha: Nixey Danielson Poached Video, San Clemente Ca
Music: Dead Man Walking
Song: Nightmare 13
Album: “Can’t Stop the Dying”

About Dead Man Walking

We are the legendary evil Punk Rock band from Orange County California known as Dead Man Walking. After almost a decade the band continues to keep it's signature brand of electric infused punk rock n' roll with a gothic twist.

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